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Amazing Emotional Video Shows Owner and Dog Being Reunited

If you ever thought your dog didn't love you and wouldn't remember you if you were separated for a while.

You are wrong.

A dog and its owner in America have been reunited after more than two years and it instantly recognised it's owner and covered her in kisses during their heartwarming reunion.

Last week the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Michigan came across a terrier named Zeus who had been missing for two years!

The good news is, is that Zeus was microchipped and the shelter was able to track down his owner, who lived 1500KM away in Florida.

The amazing moment is that Zeus immediately recognised his owner, Debi Petranck and almost lost it's footing as he ran over to her open arms.

The video of the reunion is emotional as it shows them both overjoyed at the unexpected reunion, with Zeus's tail wagging back and forth before Ms Petranck embraces the dog.

Zeus was reportedly stolen by a Florida man, who the moved to Michigan but he had escaped and ended up at the shelter.

See, those tracking devices in your dog, really do work!

H/T: CBS News

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