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Alex Nation Slammed On Instagram AGAIN By Past Family Member

Alex Nation was the former model who won Richie Strahan's heart on The Bachelor. 

It's pretty safe to assume that Alex and her ex-sister-in-law Kimberley Grace Porter aren't exactly friends. 

Kimberley Grace Porter recently posted what could be THE most passive aggressive meme on her Instagram account, reportedly aimed at Alex - who used to be a model.

Reading the hashtags #realitytv #whiterose #notnamingnames and #byefelicia it becomes pretty transparent who the post is aimed at.

Kimberly's Mum, Deborah Porter, even chimed in - responding to the post using the Instagram handle 'deblou58'


Things are certainly getting nasty! 

It's not the first time Alex's former sister-in-law has made a jibe on social media about The Bachelor winner.

Do you think Alex will fight back? 

Source: Daily Mail 

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