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10 Of The Rock's Most Legendary Instagram Posts

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has just been given the highest accolade in Hollywood: He's been named PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive for 2016.

But along with a pinky finger so strong it could probably crack a walnut, The Rock is a deadset legend on social media.


Seriously, check out what he's cooking.

1. When he smashed more brownies in one sitting than you've ever eaten in you life, after four months of clean eating.

2. When he #blessed us with this throwback from filming The Mummy Returns, paired with the best/ grossest story of all time.

"I was told 'Don't use ice in your drinks when you go over there'," he wrote. "Of course... the first thing I do when I land is ask for ice in my soda.

"Woke up the next day... sick as a mangy junkyard dog. I literally had things coming out of my body I could not identify, nor have I ever seen since."

#TBT My first day ever of acting shooting "The Mummy Returns". Middle of the Sahara Desert. 115+ degrees. The entire first 10min of the movie was based on my character named The Scorpion King, so no pressure... I was told "don't use ice in your drinks when you go over there". Of course like a know it all idiot in my 20's, the first thing I do when I land is ask for ice in my soda. Woke up the next day - my first day of shooting and was as sick as a mangy junkyard dog. I was so sick I literally had things coming out of my body I could not identify, nor have I ever seen since. Just let that fun visual sink in... Went to set and powered thru. In between the action sequences, the crew would have to cover me in blankets because I was shivering cold - and again, we were in the middle of the f*cking Sahara Desert. I remember thinking to myself while covered up in blankets, "Wow my very first movie and I'm gonna kick the bucket in the middle of the desert. Great job DJ." Director Stephen Summers came over and asked if he should call a helicopter to transport me to the hospital. I said "Nah, let's shoot". We got the shots we needed that day to successfully tell the movie's story. And the ironic part of that crazy day in the desert of me pushing thru my pain (which could've easily gone horribly wrong;), was little to my knowledge - a few days later Universal Studios watched the footage from that day (Ron Meyer, Stacey Snider, Kevin Misher and Scott Stuber) and said "We should make a movie based off of Rock's character, The Scorpion King." That's exactly what we did. Got lucky, the movie broke box office records and it launched my career. Push thru your pain, 'cause sometimes there's great success on the other side. Even if you can't identify what's exiting your body. Fun. ✔️

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3. When he packed a bag only he could lift.

5. When he boasted that he was the "number one man" for a "number two job".

6. And when he let baby Jasmine play "Slap Daddy's Head".

6. When he destroyed thousands of dollars of sound equipment, but no-one really cared because he's The Rock.

7. When he "destroyed shoulders" while taking the complete piss out of himself.

8. When he was just as obsessed with this legendary turtleneck photo as the rest of us.

Luv everything about this Halloween post from @amelabee. Especially the part about her being confident enough to wear a crop top being 6 months postpartum. Thank you for the luv you fanny pack wearin' sexy mama. 😉👊🏾💯 "You are my Rock, my Dwayne, my Johnson" @therock #sexydwaynecostume Some girls dress as sexy cats, but not me. I've waited forever to be able to dress up as you! Best costume of all time to be dressed as such a motivational person and someone I look up to so much! I'm #fangirling all day! Mom note: Finally had enough time to get my costume together while my 6 month old baby girl was playing with her toys. Ps: also felt confident enough 6 months postpartum to wear this crop top! #halloweencostume #happyhalloween #longhairdontcare #therock #dwaynejohnson #therocksays #worldchampion #ifyousmellwhattherockiscookin #wwe #fannypack #throwback #flashback #twinsies #candyass #smackdown #turtleneck #halloweenweekend #bling #instalike #instagood #instafollow #momlife #dwaynetherockjohnson #fangirl #halloween2016 #bootstoasses

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9. When he loved meeting fans so much that it kind of brought a tear to your eye.

I'm quick to throw my bag down to give big ass sweaty bear hugs!! I was just finishing my workout when my security team buzzed me that there was a special young man named, Alton waiting downstairs to meet me. I turn the corner and see this awesomely cool dude waiting for me. Proud to show me his shaved head and was wearing a t-shirt with my face on it. The face on the shirt was a little better looking than me, but the hell with it I'll suck it up. The gentleman who's hand I shook, is an officer for the HPD (Honolulu Police Dept). Appreciate all you do sir and be safe out there. Chatted with Alton for a few minutes after this pic before I had to rush off to work. I say it often and it may seem silly, but little things like this will always be the best part of fame. Great meeting you buddy. Stay cool and keep wearing the best shirt ever. Of all time. In the world. ~ DJ

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10. And, of course, when he was named Sexiest Man Alive and put it down to "4am trainin' hard, takin' care of my babies, drivin' my pick-up truck and tellin' a few dirty/ nerdy jokes... extremely sexily of course."

Hey Dwayne, you rock.


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