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A My Kitchen Rules Couple Have Revealed They Have SPLIT!

It’s the relationship that has been under pressure throughout the latest season of My Kitchen Rules…

And it looks like the pressure has got to Josh and Amy Meeuwissen to their limits, with the pair splitting up as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.


‘I think it's because we had no breathing room from each other,' 26-year-old Josh revealed to New Idea as to why his wife moved out of their WA home following the show.

Josh has been described as the ‘villain’ of the show for conversational behaviour and has gone on to say that he had hoped to gain some ‘distance’ to sort out their relationship.

Other contestants have raised concerns about how Josh treats Amy, but she disagrees saying 'He's just a very honest and upfront person, and some people see it as a personal attack.'

It will be interesting to see what happens with this couple!

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