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Bella Hadid Fires Up Over Pap's Sick Invasion Of Privacy

Bella Hadid is FUMING after pictures of her chilling out inside her apartment hit the web.

The snaps, which caught Bella laughing and messing around with rumoured boyfriend Jordan Barrett, were brought to the supermodel's attention by a fan who was shipping the heck out of the two of them.

Unfortunately it seems the pretty adorable pictures were shot without either Bella or Jordan's knowledge by an overeager and out-of-line paparazzi using a long-lens camera.

It didn't take long for the 20-year-old to fire back, setting the record straight and taking on the pap in question for their "sad and f*cked up" behaviour.

"J is like a brother to me buhhh this just ruined the surprise," Bella Tweeted, before revealing that pair were actually being interviewed by American writer Derek Blasberg at the time.

"On another note - whoever thinks it's OK to photograph into someone's home and private space is straight up sick, sad and f*cked up. 

"Time to move."

If you're looking for a new house, Bells, we've got a spare room?

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