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Bella Hadid Cries At TWO New York Fashion Week Shows

Our Bella has been absolutely smashing it of late, starring in ad campaign after ad campaign and walking in every major show during New York Fashion Week.

But the hot AF model has admitted that she's been reduced to tears twice while strutting her stuff on the runway, starting with an emotional appearance at Sunday's Prabal Gurung offering.

"I went out and walked and right before finale, when Prabal was about to go walk, I saw him tearing up and I just started crying because it was such a beautiful, moving show," Bella told Fashionista

"Everybody in the audience was crying during the finale; it was really, really powerful and I'm really proud of him. It was incredible."

She later added on Instagram: "Thank you P for such a beautiful collection and such an empowering show."

And she got teary again, just one day later, when she found out she would be closing the Oscar de la Renta show.

"I mean, literally, I also cried!" the 20-year-old said. "I don't know if it's just a very emotional week, but that show has always been something really big to me.

"It's such an iconic brand and I've always looked up to the designers.

"I cried when I got the show in general, and then when I heard I was closing, I was at a loss for words."

The emotional model continued: "[That dress] was so beautiful; when I first tried it on, it was so incredible."

Another gushing Instagram post followed, in which she called the show "a highlight of my year".

And it's only February! Looks like Bells is in for one heck of a year.

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