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Yolanda Foster Comments On Rumours Bella Is Dating Drake

Celebrity 21st birthday parties are always heaving with A-list guests, expensive gifts and designer outfits that cost more than our rent.

Been there, done that. Next.

And yet Bella Hadid has somehow managed to impress us with her ~fancy~ coming-of-age event thanks to one, unique detail: Drake threw the party for her.

Yes, THAT Drake. He organised and hosted a birthday bash for Bella Hadid and now the world - including us - thinks they're dating.


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Which is exactly what Andy Cohen pointed out to Bella's mum Yolanda during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live! last night - and her face gave us all the confirmation we needed.

"There are rumours that Bella is dating Drake," a very brave Cohen said. "Is that true? He threw her a big 21st birthday party last night!"

"He did? Really? Oh I didn't know that," Yolanda replied coyly to which Andy threw back: "Yes, you were there! Are they together?"

Shrugging, Yolanda looked away and said, "I mean they're friends."

Sorry, but we have plenty of friends and not a single one threw US a 21st birthday party.

You can check out the conversation in the clip below; if anyone needs us, we'll be picking out the outfit we'll be wearing to Drake and Bella's wedding.

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