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Blac Chyna To Spend A Fortune On Lavish Maternity Suite

Let's face it, when you're about to become a Kardashian, you do it big like a Kardashian. Giving birth included.

Blac Chyna is said to have her eyes on a similar maternity suite to the one Kim used for Saint at the exclusive Cedars Sinai Hospital, but wants to spend a fortune pimping it out even more.

The suite alone, with multiple rooms and bath options available already comes at a hefty price tag of over $3,000 a night.

According to, "Chyna and Rob are planning to spend a fortune on her maternity suite and they’re eyeing one similar to the one Kim [Kardashian] had, but Chyna wants her suite to be pimped out and wants flat screen TVs everywhere. She wants a separate play area for King [Cairo] and sleeping quarters for her mother."

An expensive room and flatscreen TV's everywhere isn't all though. On top of this, Chyna has a bunch of demands she'll need for her stay as well, including space for her manicurist, hair stylist and glam team to be able to set up shop in her suite.

Of course she does, who wants to look a mess when they're giving birth?!


Pictured above: Two Room/Two Bath Suite at the Cedars Sinai Hospital.

What do you think? If you can, go for it... or is this just a little bit over the top?

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