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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie's Former Bodyguard Reveals All

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s former bodyguard has lifted the lid on the life the estranged couple lived together.

Mark Billingham, known by his nickname Billy, was their eyes and ears for 18 months and because of the amount of time he spent with their children, he believes he was their unofficial father.

Billingham said the job is not for the weak and if there is one person that can’t do the job, it is Brad Pitt, saying ‘’Brad wouldn’t last long because he wouldn’t have any cream to put on his face.

“It would be too sweaty and uncomfortable for him. He’s too pretty!

“But Angie could do it. She’d probably be the only one with balls at the end. She would stick it out.”

With his background in the military Billingham said it set him up perfectly for the job as ‘’The biggest concern for them was the kidnapping of the kids, it’s all about money.’’

Working with the Hollywood stars meant Billy grew close to the couple’s six children — Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne — and he was one of the few staff members they trusted to be around the family.

He openly recalls the worries of the family, going on to say ‘’Angie and Brad are very worried about who goes near their children.

“It was clear from the start we had a great chemistry and they trusted me with the kids. “We got very close, I was living with them all the time.

“I could take the kids anywhere I wanted to on my own. No one else was allowed to do that.

“Even when I wanted to bring in extra people, they wouldn’t let any of those near the kids.

“They could look out for them from a distance but they couldn’t physically touch them. “I took them swimming. I fathered them, basically.”

Another major worry for the family and its security team were stalkers and they really do have them, Billingham recalls ‘We had stalkers in Chicago and New York which I had to deal with.

“Angie was filming in a crowd and everyone’s got smiles on their faces except for one guy. He looked angry.

“A few days later we were coming off set and this guy came running down the road with photos to be signed.

“Angie wanted to get out of the vehicle and do it but I said no.

“I went and got the photos and took them to her. She was like, ‘Wow, these are personal photos’.

“The guy ran off then reappeared days later near the hotel, so I got him arrested.

“He’d been following Angie all over the States.

“To me, it was a John Lennon classic. Whenever she was on her own in pictures, he was smiling.

Billingham ended up quitting the job as it was ‘exhausting’ and he ‘never had a private life’.

Brad and Angelina ended their 12-year relationship last month.

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