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Cardi B Accidentally Revealed She’s Having A Baby GIRL!

After the Met Gala red carpet went down a few days ago most people were focusing on Cardi B’s INSANE outfit designed by Moschino. I mean the thing was a 30-pound dress covered in pearls and various jewels from head to toe that hugged her pregnant curves.

Like Okurrr our girl Cardi certainly came to party at the gala, competing with other notable outfits from the event for the coveted title of best dressed!

But with this OTT outfit based around the event’s theme, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination, most people might have been too distracted from some of the things that Cardi said to reporters on the red carpet.

But if we take a closer look at these interviews, it appears that Cardi might’ve accidentally confirmed that she is having a baby girl!!!

Speaking with the New York Times on the red carpet of the gala, Cardi was talking about her growing baby bump when she said, “she do weigh three and a half pounds,” referring to her unborn baby as a “she”.

While that might seem like a slip of the tongue, Cardi said something similar while speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

The baby kicked her stomach and she said, “oh, she wants to fight me!” using the female oriented pronoun once again.

This news comes after Cardi’s sister Hennessey started the speculation that the baby might be a little girl.

She made a similar mistake in an instagram caption, gushing about her sister’s pregnancy, saying, “I’m going to be able to hold your baby and give her all the kisses and hugs.” She later changed the caption to say “the baby” instead of “her”.

News of Cardi’s pregnancy with her fiancé Offset came during an epic performance of her song ‘Be Careful’ on Saturday Night Live last month. Cardi is currently in her seventh month of pregnancy.

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