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Cardi B's Latest Clapback Is Straight Outta The 4th Grade

Remember when you were in primary school and thought you were really hectic whenever you dropped a "Ya mum" joke?

Apparently Cardi B isn't out of that phase. 

The chart-topping female rapper, responsible for the song Bodak Yellow, has clap-backed at a Twitter troll who called her "all round trash" using an insult I haven't heard since I was literally in year 4.

"Like your moms Coochie" she wrote, with two passive aggressive smiley faces.

Sick burn, Cardi. Will you trade your Roll-up for my Dunkaroos at recess, darlin'? 

Who knows how she even stumbled across the tweet when she wasn't even tagged in it.

I will give credit where it's due: she did capitalise the C in Coochie, honouring it for the noun (person, place or... thing) it is. We love a grammar queen.


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