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Charlie Hunnam Has A Seriously Unusual Way Of Keeping Fit

Charlie Hunnam is the tall drink of water who stole our hearts in Sons of Anarchy and then broke them into a thousand pieces when it was announced that he had pulled out of Fifty Shades Of Grey.

But we're ready to forgive the 36-year-old actor after his latest admission to Men's Health, when he revealed his rather unusual way of keeping fit.

"I try to do it all," Hunnam said. "I also try to make love as often as I can. That's an important part of fitness."


Apparently Hunnam does be up in the gym working on his fitness - we're his witness - as well as hitting the sack with girlfriend Morgana McNeils.

"I train a lot every day because I'm f*cking crazy," he continued. "We are supposed to be very active animals. It's our DNA. Sweating is how I change my oil every day.

"I just feel happier, more positive, energised and disciplined if I work out."

Charlie, if you ever need a service, you know where we are.

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