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Charlotte Crosby And Stephen Bear May Be Back Together

In what's been more back and forth than the Kardashian baby drama, Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear's on again/off again/on AGAIN relationship has been in the spotlight recently with reports saying they broke up, AGAIN, last week.

And while everyone was convinced that the pair were legitimately done for the absolute last time and were quickly catching up on their show Just Tattoo Of Us, before that exploded as a result, we're being told that it might not be over just yet.

The Sun is reporting that the (ex) couple were spotted together at Malmaison hotel in Newcastle and have spent the past two nights having serious discussions about their relationship.

A source has said,

"Charlotte is madly in love with Bear, but she needs to know she can trust him. She told him if they're going to make it work, then they have to give it their all. No more mini break ups or taking time apart - it's all or nothing."

We have to agree with that one, we can't keep up with this on again, off again nonsense anymore!

Stay tuned peeps, we're sure there's more to come on this one.

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