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Charlotte Crosby BREAKS DOWN In New Show

It was always going to be a controversial show, but Charlotte Crosby had to learn the hard way that she definitely shouldn't get in between her best friend and her boyfriend - especially when there are tattoos involved.

The first episode of Charlotte's new MTV show Just Tattoo Of Us featured two of her former Geordie Shore castmates, Holly Hagan and (now ex-boyfriend) Kyle Christie.

The premise of the show meant that Kyle picked a tatt for Holly and vice versa - but neither of them could see the result until AFTER they were inked up.

However Charlotte got to see what Kyle meant for her BFF first and her reaction was not a very happy one.

"Is that a joke?" a shocked Char asked, before Kyle insisted: "She'll love it! It's gonna be a right laugh though isn't it?"

The 26-year-old obviously didn't agree, banishing Kyle from the room so she could try and decide whether or not she needed to step in.

"It's not just gonna come back on [Kyle], it's gonna come back on me because she's my best friend," Charlotte said, getting teary. 

"Kyle is f*cking stupid. I just feel awful, I feel like, I feel like awful.

"I feel so bad about this but... Holly knows exactly what Kyle's like and she still agreed to do this.

"I've just got to let them get on with it."

It's not wonder Charlotte freaked out, really; Kyle "gifted" Holly with a pretty sizeable tattoo of his FACE on the back of her neck.


Holly revealed just two weeks ago that she had split from her reality TV star boyfriend after three years together, insisting it was NOT because of the tattoo - which she has since begun laser removal treatment on.

The moral of the story here is never let anyone else pick your tatts, OK?

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