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Charlotte Opens Up About The First Time She Slept With Bear

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear have that type of relationship that either makes you super duper happy for them or makes you want to delete them from any and all social media.

The pair met while filming Just Tattoo Of Us and kissed for the first time while Char was still seeing fellow reality star Ash Harrison.

And five months in they seem as loved-up as ever; Bear is constantly showering his girlfriend in presents and adoring messages, and just asked her to move into his brand new home with him.

So it makes sense that Charlotte would look back on their first time in bed together as a "beautiful", romantic event which, for the most part, it does sound like.

Work hard NAP harder 😂😴 What would we do without @robertbear_ catching moments like this ❤️ @stevie_bear

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According to the 26-year-old's new autobiography Brand New Me, Char and Bear first hooked up after a night of drinking and filming - before taking things outside.

"We got home to the hotel, kept drinking, then went out on the balcony and made love on the chairs under the moon," she wrote. "It was beautiful."


"I had red lipstick on and I got it all over his face," she added.


Look, we've all been there but would you really describe red lipstick smears as beautiful?

Charlotte confessed that making Bear wait one whole week until they had sex made it "really worth it" and that their explosive bedroom antics had led to them "inventing" some new kissing techniques.

"We have one type of kissing called the tongue tornado, where you don't touch lips but swirl your tongues around each other," Charlotte explained.

"We have another called the postage stamp, where the two tongues press on to each other flat, like they're stamping down.

"We do them all the time while we're filming and everyone gets annoyed."

We couldn't possibly imagine why. You?

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