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Conor McGregor's Press Conference Suit Literally Said "F*ck"

Say what you will about Conor McGregor but the man can clapback harder than Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Ru Paul combined.

The Notorious One rocked up to a press conference ahead of his much-anticipated bout with Floyd "The Money" Mayweather in Los Angeles last night wearing a sharp AF pinstripe suit.

This in itself isn't at all surprising; the man is consistently well-dressed, with nary a hair out of place and what we're assuming must be a walk-in wardrobe packed with tailored three-piece suits.

But somewhere, buried in all of the pre-fight trash talking, McGregor made an odd comment about how people should be looking at his get-up because it had something to say.

According to Fansided, pretty much everyone present brushed the bizarre, nonsensical claim off as "something metaphorical" - until someone at home actually had a closer look.

And, lo and behold, his suit literally had something to say; the pinstripes were made-up of teeny, tiny lines of "F*ck You", because Conor McGregor is a clever, petty man and will take any opportunity to shit-can his opponent.

Considering that this is the man who Tweeted a photo of Floyd Mayweather's DAD when the fight was first confirmed, we suppose we shouldn't really be surprised.


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