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Diplo Has Clapped Back HARD At Katy Perry's Sex Diss

If you were part of the small minority who actually watched Katy Perry's four-day livestream, you may have witnessed the cringey moment she rated her sexual conquests for James Corden. 

It seemed like it was pretty close between Orlando Bloom and John Meyer as to who took the top spot but poor old Diplo was very unceremoniously dumped at the bottom of the pile.

"They're all amazing lovers and I would have sex with all of them after I get out of this place," Perry added at the end.

And then because the internet can be such a great place, Diplo was inundated with Tweets bagging him out for his lack of sexual prowess.

Turns out the 38-year-old DJ is quite capable of defending himself, though. In fact, he might even be on Chrissy Teigen's level of clapback.

And then he got even sassier.

It's like how if someone spreads a rumour about you sleeping with them; you never try and deny it.

You just tell everyone they have a small penis.

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