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DJ Khaled SLAMMED Online For Refusing To Go Down On His Wife

While rapper DJ Khaled is known for shouting random things like “We the best” all the time during his songs, we reckon that his wife might just disagree with that statement in regards to her husband’s, um, performance in the bedroom.

An old interview of DJ Khaled on a US radio show, The Breakfast Club, from 2015 has resurfaced and has since gone viral after the ’I’m The One’ rapper opened up about his thoughts on oral sex.

And it turns out, he’s pretty darn selfish in the bedroom because apparently as “the king” he provides enough for his wife without have to put in the “work”, uh, down there. The poor woman…

“A woman should praise the man - the king”, said Khaled. “If you holding it down for your woman I feel like the woman should praise. And a man should praise the queen.

“But you know, my way of praising is called, ‘How was dinner?’, ‘You like the house you living in? You like all them clothes you getting? I’m taking care of your family, I’m taking care of my family…' You know, I’m putting in the work.”

Of course, that may sound like a whole bunch of unnecessary gibberish, much like every time he shouts “DJ KAHLED” in his songs, the interviewer clarified his meaning by asking, “So you’re saying you don’t go down?”

To which Khaled responded, “Nah! Never! I don’t do that. It’s different rules for men. You gotta understand, we the king. There’s some things that y'all might not wanna do, but it go to get done. I just can’t do what you want me to do. I just can’t.”

Excuse us while we just stretch our eyes with the biggest eye roll in history for one sec…

Now of course, since this interview has gone viral, people all over twitter, including celebrities have absolutely ROASTED the rapper for his statement. And TBH, it’s absolutely hilarious.

Our favourite has got to be this piece of gold from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who says that he likes to master ALL of his performances…But we’ve also compiled a comprehensive list of all of the other amazing burns for your enjoyment.

Now while we can laugh at all of this, we seriously have to stop and take a moment to feel sorry for DJ Kahled’s poor wife… No wonder she’s out there exercising all the time. Gotta take that frustration out on something…

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