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Ellen Can Tell Kylie Is Pregnant From Khloe's Eyes

It’s the biggest mystery of 2017.

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant… or isn’t she?

Khloe Kardashian appeared on Ellen yesterday, fresh from the announcement that she and Tristan Thompson are expecting their first child.

She looked so cute in white, with big hair and a big bump… you could feel her elation through the screen.

However, while talking about her pregnancy cravings, elation quickly turned to awkwardness as Ellen asked casually, ‘so is Kylie craving anything yet?’

‘hahaha… what do you mean?’

‘Well, she’s pregnant?’

‘Oh I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ she answered through a smile.

‘Come on now!’ Ellen said, almost through laughter.

‘Come on Ellen…’ Khloe squeaked awkwardly.

‘Okay so why wasn’t she on the Christmas card?’ Ellen probed.

‘Ummmm, I don’t know, you gotta ask Kylie, why don’t you have her on the show?’

‘Well, let’s call her… I have a phone right here!’

But unsurprisingly, Khloe couldn’t remember the phone number. Go figure.

Ellen then pushed further, ‘but she must be pregnant, there’s too much secrecy…’

‘Why?’ Khloe asked.

‘Look at your eyes, I can tell…'

She then faced the crowd, ‘Ya’ll she’s pregnant, I can tell by her eyes!’

'I am pregnant!' Khloe announced.

‘No, not you!’, Ellen said, ‘Kylie is PREGNANT!’

‘I can tell Kylie’s pregnant, I will make a bet right now.’

Khloe finished the chat by looking at Ellen, potentially with daggers in her eyes, and said, ‘you’re so cute.’ Careful Ellen, that could be a death hex.

Source: EllenTube

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