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Gaz Beadle Just Made ANOTHER Huge Announcement & We Can't

As if revealing that he's going to be a dad wasn't a big enough announcement for Gaz Beadle to make this week, news has now broken the Geordie Shore star will be leaving the show.

The 29-year-old is one of the few remaining original cast members on the long-running reality series but has decided to bow out to concentrate on the baby.

"He's taking fatherhood really seriously, being a dad is all he's ever wanted and he wants to spend all his time with Emma and their baby," a source told The Sun Online.

But apparently show bosses aren't happy with Gaz's decision and are pretty much down on their knees to convince him to stay.

"They have offered him the opportunity to make guest appearances in series 16 - who knows whether he will or not - but producers are frantically trying to keep him on the show somehow.

"As far as everyone is concerned it won't be Geordie Shore without him."

The news isn't too surprising, considering how the show initially came between Gaz and his baby mama Emma McVey but it's still going to be a blow to fans who have been following the Newcastle lothario's antics for the last 15 seasons.

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