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Gaz Beadle Takes Relationship With Emma McVey To A New Level

It feels like only last week that Gaz Beadle's girlfriend Emma McVey was going on the mother of all rants against her "cheating" ex.

The model took to Twitter back in May to slam the Geordie Shore star, alleging that he had been sleeping around while they were together and, when confronted, dumped her by text.

So you could forgive everyone for assuming that that was it for the couple of nine months - until they were spotted on a romantic weekend away together, sparking reconciliation rumours.

And now Gaz has taken their relationship to a whole other level, having a picture of Emma, naked, tattooed onto his left arm.


According to The Sun, the tatt is a recreation of a 2015 photo taken by Peter Pedonomou; eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that the tiling in the background of the ink matches that of the original photo.

But while the sentiment is lovely, we're not sure why Gaz hasn't learned his lesson by watching his co-stars have the names - or faces - of their partners tattooed on them.

Ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby is currently in the process of having the "M" she got in tribute to her ex, Mitch, removed, while Holly Hagan had to get the image of then-boyfriend Kyle lasered from the back of her neck thanks to a very brave appearance on Just Tattoo Of Us.

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