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Marnie Simpson SLAMMED For Pregnancy Announcement

Marnie Simpson has been slammed by fans for a pulling a questionable prank on her boyfriend Casey Cody Johnson.

Johnson, who has been dating the Geordie Shore star since January, revealed in a recent interview that his 25-year-old girlfriend had lied about being pregnant to gauge his response.

"Marnie wound me up the other day and told me she was pregnant, just to see how I would react!" he told OK! Magazine. "I was okay with it."

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But Simpson's fans certainly are not okay with it; it didn't take long for furious social media users to take to Facebook to vent their anger.

"There's women out there who sadly cannot have children of their own and she can joke about it," one wrote. "Disgrace."

Another chimed in, "Can't stand her! Lying saying you're pregnant to get a reaction is pathetic! She needs to grow the hell up."

"Lying about being pregnant is bad enough, but in Baby Loss Awareness Month? Disgusting," a third added.

Simpson has spoken about her desire to have children in the past, telling OK! Magazine that she's "getting older" and wants "marriage and children."

"Casey is only 22 so we'll wait a while," she said. "I'd like to have a child by the time I'm 30 so I've still got a few years."

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