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Harry Potter Star Strips Off For STUNNING Playboy Spread

It's an astonishing feat of science, but a lot of the actors in the Harry Potter movie series have done an undeniably fantastic job of growing up. 

So much so that there's now a term for it - Longbottoming - after, of course, the most spectacular example: Matthew Lewis AKA Neville Longbottom.

He can re-pot our Mandrakes any day of the week.

Then there's young Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Evanna Lynch... the Harry Potter kids have come a long way since they first sailed across the Great Lake.

But the most recent of the Hogwarts alumni to set our jaws a-droppin' is Slytherin bully and all-round nasty gal Pansy Parkinson; you may remember her as the witch who wanted to hand Harry Potter over to Voldemort before the Battle of Hogwarts.


We're still not over it.

Anyway, actor Scarlett Byrne has stripped off for the latest issue of Playboy - the mag's first naked issue in nearly 18 months - and DAYUM she looks good.

The 26-year-old (who, fun fact, is engaged to Hugh Hefner's son Cooper) also wrote an essay titled The Feminist Mystique, which runs alongside her shoot.

Scarlett took to Instagram to share the gorgeous pictures, writing that she was "very proud to be a part of the March/ April issue of Playboy."

She also thanked her fiancé for "such a unique opportunity" before sharing the issue's hashtag, #NakedIsNormal.

Playboy's change of heart comes a year-and-a-half after they announced their move away from nudity; this week Cooper, Scarlett's fiancé and the magazine's chief creative officer, admitted that "removing [naked photos] entirely was a mistake."

"Nudity was never the problem, because nudity isn't a problem," he wrote on Twitter. "Today we're taking out identity back and reclaiming who we are."

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