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Tyler Henry Predicted Tristan’s Unfaithfulness MONTHS Ago

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry has done some readings with some pretty huge stars. But the one reading that everyone is talking about recently is one that he did last year with Khloe Kardashian.

Of course, Tyler has performed multiple readings since this episode aired, but what’s got people talking about it now is that they’re starting to think that he actually predicted that Tristan Thompson would be unfaithful to Koko!

The medium to Hollywood’s biggest star’s appeared on The Zach Sang Show and he said that when news broke about Tristan’s cheating scandal he wasn’t actually surprised like the rest of us!

“Well, I saw some relationship issues,” said Tyler. And if we go back to the episode of Hollywood Medium that featured Khloe, we have to say that this is definitely true!

During the reading, Tyler kept making reference to Khloe’s “next boyfriend” despite the fact that she was already in a long-term, committed relationship with Tristan and at that point there were no red flags for Khloe.

But it’s clear that Tyler didn’t see the pair working out in the long run. He said that Khloe’s love life was not the area that he saw reaching it’s peak at that point in time.

When speaking about Tristan, Tyler also said that he kept seeing a clock, which generally means that two people are not running on the same timeline.

“If we have two individuals who are both driven and ding their own things, the feeling is that we wanna ensure that we have enough time for a relationship.”

Tyler also said that he saw a great deal of travel in Tristan’s future and that this would not be good for their relationship.

“I see a lot of travel for this individual, like to an excessive extent,” said Tyler. “I’m kind of almost like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if that would even be reasonable for them to like do this much’.”

Now of course travel is a given for an NBA basketball player like Tristan who plays professionally for the Cleveland Cavaliers. BUT, must we remind you that it was while travelling that Tristan was caught cheating on a pregnant Khloe.

The current timeline suggests that Tristan hooked up with girls in a club in New York City, Washington and Boston.

Now of course Tyler never specifically said ‘dump his a**, he’s going to cheat on you’, but he did provide some pretty clear warning signs. He said that it would only work out if the travelling didn’t cause a problem, which we all now know that it certainly did.

So even if you’re a sceptic about this psychic stuff, you’ve got to admit that that’s a little bit spooky. Or ya know, maybe Tyler just knew that Tristan had a rep for ditching his baby mumma’s after he got together with Khloe while another woman was pregnant with his first child…

Either way, Tyler said that he was upset for Khloe when he heard about Tristan’s galavanting, just like the rest of us. Chin up Khlo!

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