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House Rules Couples SLAMMED For One Huge Problem

It’s the show Australia has fallen in love with this year and couples are undertaking the challenge for a $200,000 prize.

But Woman’s Day has revealed that several couples bought their houses 'suspiciously close' to October last year when filming kicked off.

According to the magazine, Tasmanian couple Ella and Sean purchased their home for $330,000 last year.

Queensland’s Aaron and Daniella’s purchase date has also come into question, with their house being purchased for $730,000 in April 2016.

The dubious timing was soon spotted by fans of the show, who took to social media to voice their concerns that the properties were only bought so they could take part in the show.

'Was it bought especially for the show given its condition?' One social media user wrote. Another posted: 'The process is - apply for the show first with "cute, ratings-acceptable couple" pics, then buy (any) house for audition'.  

House Rules continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel 7.

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