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How Salim Mehajer May Get Around Wife Aysha’s AVO

The revelation that Aysha Mehajer had filed an apprehended violence order (AVO) against her husband, Auburn’s disgraced former deputy mayor Salim Mehajer, last month was a bolt from the blue.

And the drama and intrigued only continued as Salim kept up a steady stream of social media posts declaring his unending love for the mysteriously silent Aysha, who moved out of the couple’s marital home in Lidcombe and is now living with her sister in Wollongong.


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But despite a second AVO being taken out on the Wollongong property – by Aysha’s brother-in-law, after Salim allegedly approached the house making demands for car keys – it appears that both orders will be dropped.

Matt Ward, Salim’s lawyer, told the Downing Centre Local Court that they were close to a resolution and that despite filing more than 50 pages of evidence, the matter was “likely to be resolved without further evidence.”

If true, it means the exact details of what prompted Aysha to originally request the AVO will avoid public knowledge.

The couple have been separated since last month, and Aysha has reverted to her maiden name, Learmonth.

She also went to a great deal of trouble to delete all evidence of her estranged husband from her own personal Instagram account less than two weeks ago.

Salim, on the other hand, is keeping up a steady stream of photos and videos dedicated to Aysha; last month he told The Daily Telegraph that “only death will do us apart.”

The hearing for both AVOs is due to take place in Wollongong on September 5.

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