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Is THIS How Nicole Richie Feels About Her Sis Dating Justin?

Everyone knows how protective big sisters can be, so we've been DYING to know what Nicole Richie thinks of her little sis Sofia's new relationship.

The model was snapped hand-in-hand with Justin Bieber over the weekend - and the date obviously went well, because she was seen leaving his house early Tuesday morning. 

So with Bieb's track record for flash-in-the-pan romances, we certainly wouldn't have been surprised to here Nicole chucking her two cents in and steering her baby sister clear.


But according to a source, Nic kind of doesn't care. At all.

"Nicole is not worried about Sofia and Justin, she has her own kids to worry about," Hollywood Life reports. "There is a huge age gap between Sofia and Nicole, so they never had that tell each other everything kind of relationship.

"Nicole is that last one to judge anyone's relationship. She feels that if Justin and Sofia are having fun, then good for them," the source continued. "She is not worried about Sofia and Justin at all."


Sounds like Nicole's the coolest big sister ever.

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