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Is This The First Photo Of Khloe Kardashian's Baby Bump?

Things have been quiet on the Kar-Jenner pregnancy front for a few days - we needed the rest, to be honest - but a brand new Instagram snap of Khloe Kardashian has us wondering if we've just been graced with our first view of the rumoured bump.

While older sister Kim and younger sister Kylie have had their pregnancies confirmed, Khloe has stayed mum on the issue.

(Pun fully intended there, by the way. You're welcome.)

But let's take a look at this photo, shall we? Is there a mini Kardashian-Thompson in there?

Fans certainly seem to think so; comments ranged from "look at the belly guys" to "soon-to-be milk, I feel it".

"Are you hiding your belly because you have a baby in there?" one user asked.

If one of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians executive producers is correct, then yes, she is.

Jeffrey C Jenkins was slammed by Kim Kardashian for posting - and deleting - a congratulations message to the reality star and her basketball beau.

"Congrats my beautiful Khloe!" the Instagram read. "You will be a great mom! God bless you all three!"

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