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Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Emails With Style Tips

Before Kanye West entered Kim Kardashian’s life, she wasn’t exactly known as the style queen she is today. In fact, her pre-Kanye years looked a bit more like this…

We wouldn’t seem Kim wearing any of the above styles these days and part of the reason for that can be attributed to Kanye. Any fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will remember an episode that aired in 2012 that showed Kanye and his stylist Renelou Padora raiding Kim’s closet and giving it a total makeover. 



Ever since then, Kim has been absolutely killing the fashion game! 

It doesn’t end there though. The latest episode of KUWTK showed Kim revealing to family-friend Jonathan over lunch that Kanye was responsible for one of her latest looks. Kim said that Kanye sent “like a whole email, [writing] ‘You cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little glasses’.”

Not only did Kanye send the email, but he also attached “millions of ‘90s photos with tiny little glasses like this.”

It appears that Kanye is right on the trend because tiny sunglasses appear to be very in. Even Kim’s younger sister Kendall has been rocking them. 

Ahh… gotta love Kanye! 


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