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Katy Perry Has Caused A HUGE Problem With Just ONE Comment

It looks like Katy Perry may have gone one step too far for some of her fans.

During a chat on Twitter, Katy Perry was asked if she missed her old hair and instead of answering the question, Katy decided to relate it back to Barack Obama, saying ‘’“I miss your old black hair’, ohhhh do you miss Barack Obama too? Okay, times change. Bye.” 

Some users on the social media site were upset, with one saying “Wow, Katy Perry. The reference to former Pres. Obama was offensive & a poor, tasteless attempt at humour. Your privilege is showing.” 

The superstar has yet to address the comments, preferring to remain silent but that hasn’t stopped other fans continuing to reference the comment.

We are sure there is nothing but anger about Trump behind it..

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