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Katy Perry Wants To Be A ‘Baby-Making Machine’ For Bloom

Pop singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom are rumoured to have gotten back together again after being spotted together, although neither one of them have officially confirmed the rumours.

Apparently, Perry is now more than ready to lock down Bloom by having some babies with him. Whilst Perry is being patient with her freshly on-again relationship, she’s apparently said that she is ready to get serious whenever Bloom is ready. 

An insider has revealed that, “if he wanted to marry her, she’d be all in,” and that apparently, “she has jokingly said to friends that she would be a baby-making machine for him, but it’s something that is drenched in truth.”

Only time will tell if the on-again/off-again couple will remain on and churn out a few babies together. 

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