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Keira Maguire Has ALREADY Broken I'm A Celeb Camp Rules

She has been in the jungle for exactly 48 hours but ex-Bachelor contestant Keira Maguire has already caused enough ~drama~ to last all of the other contestants a lifetime.

The reality TV star has bawled and whinged through two Bush Tucker Trials, has seemed to concoct a relationship with model Kris Smith out of nearly nothing and chucked a huge tantrum when asked to empty the camp dunny.

And somehow, in between all of that, Keira has also managed to get herself in some serious trouble with show bosses; a strongly worded letter was delivered to the celebrities warning Keira that she would have to relinquish her secret luxuries.

"Camp mates, there is contraband in camp," fellow I'm A Celebrity contestant Nazreem read out. "You will be pardoned of your violations if all contraband is surrendered and placed in the bin immediately. If not you will all face the consequences."

"Keira walked in and kind of had this look on her face, like she's kind of dodgy," Naz revealed in the Bush Telegraph. "She's got some stuff in store for -- for us so I was like, yeah, this girl knows how to play."

After surrendering her contraband - Biltong spice, if you were wondering - Keira went back to sprawling across her bed - until yet ANOTHER letter arrived into camp, this time delivered by Lisa Curry.

"Keira. Apparently you have some contraband you didn't give in and they need it now or we start losing stars for dinner. What is it?" the swimming champion demanded.

Despite insisting that she wasn't the only contestant using make-up brushes, Keira eventually handed over her eyelash comb but the show bosses weren't letting her away too easily.

"Keira you now have the chance to redeem yourself after handing in your contraband," Lisa continued reading. "You must sit on the stage and separate sand and lentils. You're not allowed to eat or keep any of them.

"If any grains are spilt or eaten the amount of stars you won in today's trial will be reduced."

But Lisa couldn't resist taking advantage of her position of power, slipping in one more order of her own.

"Get started immediately and you may not utter a sound," she added, trying not to laugh.


The time-consuming task didn't seem to have put Keira off her antics, though, as she later smirked that she'd probably do it again.

Oh Keira.


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