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Kendall Jenner's Under Fire AGAIN For The Pettiest Reason

Unlike our fine country, America's hospitality industry pretty much runs on tips - which is why some servers can get fairly shirty when their customers fail to leave them their expected 20 per cent.

Enter Kendall Jenner, who appears to have made the mistake of not entering a gratuity on her $24 bar bill at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn over the weekend.

The pub posted the offending receipt - which has been signed by the reality star and looks fairly legit - to their Instagram account, effectively naming and shaming her with the caption: "Don't forget to tip your bartender :)".


While the initial comments slammed the 21-year-old for being cheap, the tide soon turned with many calling out the bar for ever uploading the now-deleted photo.

"Whoever posted this should get fired, it's unprofessional," one user wrote, while others pointed out that just because Kenny didn't tip on her credit card doesn't mean she didn't leave cash instead.

Neither Kendall or Baby's All Right have responded to the backlash, although a number of media outlets have reached out for comment.

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