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Khloe Kardashian Wrapped Up In Cheating Scandal - AGAIN

Poor Khloe Kardashian just cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to her love life; the self-confessed helpless romantic has been trying her darndest to put her failed marriage with Lamar Odom behind her, but her newest relationship sounds even MORE complicated.


Khlo's been dating hew new boyfriend, Tristan Thompson - a basketball player, natch - since August, after they reportedly met at Kevin Hart's wedding to model Eniko Parrish.

So far, so good, right?


Thompson had gone to the wedding with his pregnant girlfriend of three-and-a-half years, Jordan Craig, a source tells OK!

"They lived together in Cleveland," they continued. "And Khloe knew that, but she didn't care."

While we're not sure exactly WHAT went down the night of the wedding, Khloe and her 25-year-old beau have been snapped together, walking hand-in-hand, and looking totally loved-up.

Meanwhile, Thompson's now-ex Jordan - a model and "hair-extension specialist" who goes by the name of Jordy C - is eight months pregnant with, according to Instagram posts from her baby shower, a son she plans to name Prince Oliver.

"Tristan is out of the picture now because of Khloe," the source revealed. "It's a messy situation.

"He didn't want a child yet. He was scared. But Jordan wanted to keep it.

"Tristan was mad about the baby and left Jordan for Khloe. He and Jordan were living together when Khloe opened her arms to him."

But Khloe is determined to make it work - and can't quit her new love.

"She thinks they have a real future together," another friend admitted. "She falls harder for Tristan with each passing day."

Oh, Khloe. 

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