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Khloe Just Gave A MASSIVE Hint That She's Pregnant

When 2017 ends and 2018 begins we only have one wish....Please, please, PLEASE let us start off the new year knowing which Kardashian sisters are pregnant!!

It's been the talk of Hollywood for MONTHS now and while we've definitely narrowed down the possible pregnancies to just Khloe and Kylie, we still have absolutely no confirmation as to whether the rumours are true or not...and it's seriously frustrating.

Just recently we saw a hint that Khloe might not be pregnant with a sneak peak of her definitely-not-pregnant belly on the Kardashian Kristmas Kard. We thought this was their way of saying, 'Khloe ain't preggers'.

DAY 17

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

BUT then Khloe goes and posts this photo on Snapchat promoting her new DIFF Eyewear collection and gave one SERIOUS hint that she actually IS pregnant...and we are confused once again.

Let us explain what the hell we are talking about. The Kardashian's, who make a great deal of their millions from posting to social media, wouldn't post an image of even their shoe without checking it dozens of times and getting the a-okay to post from their publicists.

And this is why we think this one post is a deliberate ploy to keep us guessing...because it's a serious hint that Khloe is pregnant.


If you look closely at the reflection in the sunglasses that Khloe is wearing, you can see a large pillow in the shape of a U...the type of pillow that a woman uses, you guessed it, while she's pregnant.

See it? No? Let us zoom in for you.


Now of course this might be innocent enough and maybe Khlo just likes to be comfortable... but knowing the Kardashian's this post is much more telling than just her reclining needs.

Khloe hasn't addressed the sunglasses pic yet, because duh that would mean addressing pregnancy rumours. But what do you think? Is our girl expecting or is she just toying with our Kardashian obsessed emotions once again?

Please let this pregnancy saga end with 2017! PLEASE!

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