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Khloe Kardashian Shares Her Tips To Look Slim In Selfies

She lives her life with cameras constantly rolling and now she's teaching us how to look our best in front of a lense! 

Khloe Kardashian has written a post on her app titled "5 Hacks to Look Thin AF in Photos," detailing what to wear, what to avoid and the best way to pose in photos.

Khloe reckons if you hide behind someone else in a photo, you can "literally halve yourself" by "strategically" getting close to one of your friends. 

Clique, clique, clique, clique

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Khloe advises that the person taking the photo should only take photos from above as it's the "only flattering angle."

Stick your chin out:
Khloe says if you stick your chin out, any risk of a double chin illusion is gone. 

Use Your Arms and Shoulders:
"Hands on hips," Khloe wrote. "Bonus points if you angle sideways and use your camera-facing arm. Shoulders back and away from ears. Always."

Wear Black and Vertical Stripes:
Avoid wearing prints and horizontal stripes as they "add instant bulk."

Khloe also told readers that "A spray-tan is your bestie and direct sunlight is your mortal enemy (squinting enlarges your jawline). If you're sitting, cross your legs at your ankles so your thighs and calves look super slim. And, when in doubt, put a bag over your belly, like I did to hide my baby bump!"


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