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Kim Kardashian's Inappropriate Gummy Bear-Buying Outfit

Every now and then Kim Kardashian does something that makes us think, "Wow, she really is just like us!"

Like, for example, doing a late-night run to the servo for lollies; Mrs Kardashian West either had a serious craving for gummy bears last night or she was trying to bribe little North.

Either way, it required a quick trip to a Los Angeles petrol station for a trusty packet of Haribo treats and Kimmy, may we just take this moment to applaud you on your great taste.

Unlike us, however, Kim did not duck out wearing trackies and a massive hoodie stained with something that may be ice-cream. Oh no. 

In fact, as far as errand-running outfits go, the reality star's look was more risqué than everyday.

According to PEOPLE, Kim paired her Gucci bra with a long black trench coat and lucite heels from Kanye's fashion line, seemingly unperturbed by the fact that she was wearing less to the petrol station than some of us wear to the beach.

Obviously it's not the first time the 36-year-old has worn underwear as outerwear but we're kind of impressed with how many different ways she can pull this ~look~ off: a bra with a pencil skirt, a bra with a pedal pushers, a bra with biker shorts.

Maybe Kim Kardashian isn't as much like us as we thought.

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