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How Kylie Jenner Distracts Kendall On The Runway

Anyone who has struggled to make it safely down a flight of stairs in a pair of high heels can probably imagine how much pressure there would be to walk down a runway, in front of hundreds of people - and cameras - without stacking it.

But Kendall Jenner reckons there's an even bigger problem when she's strutting her stuff - and, surprise surprise, it has to do with her family.

"Since my first show, I never look at the audience," the 21-year-old told Jimmy Fallon during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. "If I do, it'll mess me up. It's kind of like being on stage, like a theatre actor.

"But Kylie sometimes, her and my mum, usually, I can hear them screaming. Sometimes I'll smirk a little bit because I can't hold it in, but I never look.

"I can never look at them!"

Trust your little sister to ruin the moment.

The second-youngest Kar-Jenner also admitted that her levels of nervousness normally depend on what she has to wear.

"If I'm wearing a really long dress, with really crazy heels, then obviously I think the nerves set in," she explained. "You're like, 'Oh my God, I'm gonna fall!'

"But I've actually become really, really comfortable."

You can check out Kenny's full interview in the clip below.

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