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Kylie Jenner Reveals Very Brave Secret

You may not think so, but being Kylie Jenner wouldn't be all that much fun.

You're born into a family where appearance is everything. You have a mother who is no stranger to a little nip and tuck and sisters who follow in the same footsteps. Not to mention, a sister only two years older than you who is a runway model and the face of a major cosmetics brand.

Oh - and lets not forget the fact that she was thrown into the spotlight when she was a tween, with no choice whether or not she wanted to stay there.

Plus, a transgender dad who's story is currently the talk of the entire globe.

So yeah, she got her lips done - and I kind of understand why she was hesitant to tell the world. Because, it's confronting having to admit an insecurity - and she actually doesn't have to!

It would be kind of difficult to be comfortable in your own skin in a family like that, and if she has the means to deal with an insecurity - then power to her.

See the footage from a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where she admits she's had her lips done.

Video via Hollywood Life Youtube

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