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Cam Dumped His Girlfriend A Week Before His MAFS 'Wedding'

Married At First Sight's Cam allegedly dumped his long-term girlfriend a week before 'marrying' Jules.

Daily Mail Australia report that friends of Cam's ex-girlfriend, Tina Ciccio, had her heart broken in September - a week before his wedding to Jules. 

The 34-year-old was reportedly approached by producers to take part in the social experiment in August, prompting him to break up with his long-term girlfriend.

According to Tina, she only found out he had left her to go on the show when he was featured in adverts for the reality series.

"[Cameron] never told her why they broke up, she only found out when they started putting his ugly mug all through the magazines in prep for the show," one of Tina's friends wrote on Facebook.

Another friend added: "It was heartbreaking for a friend of mine who found out [he dumped her for MAFS] just before the show went to air."

Similar allegations have been reported by Now To Love who claim that Cam "ended his relationship" to appear on the show. 

They allege that Cam 'liked' all of Tina's Instagram photos in August but immediately stopped interacting once MAFS started filming. 

Cam has since unfollowed Tina.

Daily Mail Australia has been approached by the ex-cricketer who categorically denies the claims. 

"I was single when I entered the experiment," he told the publication. "These claims are fabricated and categorically untrue." 

When asked whether he broke up with Tina in order to appear on the reality show, Cam failed to respond. 

During the first episode of this season of MAFS, Cam claimed he had been single "for six years" after splitting from his partner due to work commitments.

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