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Megan Fox Is Under Fire For THIS Photo But Can You Tell Why?

It's not very often that Megan Fox posts photos of her adorable family, and this week's drama is a pretty clear indication why.

The Transformers actor uploaded a series of Polaroid shots to her Instagram account on Sunday giving us a rare glimpse of her three gorgeous sons, who she shares with husband Brian Austin Green.

But internet commenters have berated Fox for the totally innocent photos, slamming her for the length of four-year-old Noah and three-year-old Bodhi's hair and flipping out over the fact that Noah is dressed up as Elsa from Frozen.

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While we're not going to repeat some of the incredibly nasty remarks made by Fox's followers - you can imagine how horrible some people were - it was somewhat reassuring to see just how many people came to little Noah's defence.

"Good for her and her children for not conforming to a societal mold!" one commenter wrote. "A dress and a haircut should not automatically be looked at as 'gender confusion'."

Another added: "Let them be little....and figure out for themselves what they like. I think it's awesome she supports her child and allows him to wear what he likes."

Fox has spoken in the past about allowing her kids to express themselves, telling Jimmy Kimmel that still remembers her own strict upbringing.

"Noah wears dresses so there are no rules," she said. "You can be whatever you want to be in my house!"

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