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Charlotte Crosby Is Keen As To Head Back To Geordie Shore

Any Geordie Shore fan worth their salt will agree that the first few seasons were the best.

The original cast's chemistry made even the most disgusting, messed-up behaviour seem hilarious and Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle's on-off relationship - at least for the first couple of years - was a constant rollercoaster of emotion.

So it's fair to say that it hasn't really been the same since the OG crew started to drop off and were replaced; we were just about dealing with Vicky Pattinson's absence when Char announced she too was done with the show.

But the Just Tattoo Of Us host has revealed that she would LOVE to head back into the house - one one condition.

"I would never say no for another big reunion like we did back in January," she told The Sun. "If there was another one like that and all my old friends - Holly, James, Jay and Ricky - I would never say no to that."

Does anyone else feel like we need a Geordie Shore: OG series?

Charlotte continued: "I would love to go back in and celebrate the amazing times we've had. I wouldn't return to go back forever or be a regular castmate no more."

The reality star also explained why she - along with BFF Holly Hagan - felt it was time to move on.

"It's only changed in the respect of when you look at it, it doesn't feel like Geordie Shore because there's no-one really who started in there anymore," Charlotte said.

"But that's just our opinion because Geordie Shore was all of us lot together from the beginning. Even the likes of Vicky and Jay and James.

"To us that's Geordie Shore. Things have to change over time. But for everyone else it's probably exactly the same show."


Please come back.

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