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OMG! Didier Cohen Used to Look Like This!

Australia's Next Top Model mentor, Didier Cohen, didn't always look like this.

😎 via @anyotherdayphotography

A photo posted by DIDIER COHEN (@didiercohen) on

Recently, the 30-year-old American model posted this flashback - and we can barely believe it's him.

Big boy at prom with @krystleambers... #ThrowbackThursday

A photo posted by DIDIER COHEN (@didiercohen) on

He admitted to TheFix that he was very self-conscious as a teenager, but transformed his image at 19.

"I was really overweight, and I was just embarrassed sometimes to take off my shirt at the beach," he said.

"I started running, doing a little bit of cardio, looking at what I was eating, not being super strict but just knowing what was healthier."

He's also no stranger to the throwback, posting these pics of him in his younger years...

⚫️THROWBACK⚫️ Never forget where ya came from.. @bandedesquatres

A photo posted by DIDIER COHEN (@didiercohen) on

Throwback... ✌🏼️

A photo posted by DIDIER COHEN (@didiercohen) on

"For me, it's all about the mental aspect," he told TheFix.

"After I exercise, my head is clear, my mind is clear, everything is clear. I'm more happy. It shows me that things I thought were impossible aren't."

Ha just got tagged in this! Talk about throwback...

A photo posted by DIDIER COHEN (@didiercohen) on

You can say that again!

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