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One Of Australia's Most Popular Show Looks Set To Be AXED

It’s one of the popular reality TV shows in Australia but after Dr Chris Brown quit, it has been struggling to find a new host.

And it looks like Bondi Vet could be axed by Network Ten, who have now distanced themselves from the show.

A spokesperson for the network told The Daily Telegraph that a time slot on Ten is in serious doubt.

The spokesperson said 'We actually don't have any plans to screen it,' 

A front-runner has emerged to replace Dr Chris, with Sydney-born vet Dr Alex Hynes looking to move the show to Queensland, where she is based.

'They haven't clarified the format, but we have talked about filming from our two emergency hospitals on the Gold Coast and Brisbane,' she said.

It was also reported that rival networks Seven and Nine have shown no interest in picking the program up.

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