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Kourtney Is NOT Happy About Scott Disick's New Girlfriend

We told you Kourtney Kardashian wasn't going to be happy with Scott Disick's latest conquest.

Like, we literally told you; check it out here.

Anyway the point is, we were right and Scott's in trouble for dating ex-Disney actress Bella Thorne, according to Hollywood Life.

"She's one of Kylie's friends," a course told the publication. "The whole family knows her and has watched her grow up, including Scott.

"If Scott was trying to get some sort of revenge on Kourtney, it's worked. This has gotten under her skin."

The insider continued: "But she's trying very hard to block it all out. She just can't afford to let him drag her down right now."

Currently, the theory stands that Scott is really not dealing with his ex-girlfriend being papped out and about with her new (younger) beau, boxer Younes Bendjima, which is why he's chasing after Bella.

If you'd like to know what we think, though, it's probably nothing more than Scott being Scott.

What more do you expect?

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