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People Are Pissed Over Kim Kardashian's Latest Facebook Post

In case you haven't noticed, it's pretty much impossible for any celebrity to do anything right on the internet.

Welcome to 2017, people!

This time it's Kim Kardashian under fire - again - and it's all down to a seemingly cute AF picture she posted of one-year-old son Saint West.

The pic, which she uploaded to her official Facebook page, shows the adorable tot sitting in his car seat wearing the sickest kicks and a designer jumper that probably costs more than a month's rent.

It literally could not be a more innocent shot, and mums all over the world post EXACTLY the same thing every single day.

Except some eagle-eyed fans have a major problem with the kind of car seat that Saint is sitting in; according to California law, kids under the age of two have to be strapped into seats facing backwards.

"He is so cute," one user wrote in what may be the most patronising comment we've seen this week. "Let's protect this handsome boy by making sure [he's] rear facing."

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But for a change most people were coming to Kim's defence; while some fellow mums pointed out that Saint looks to be over the weight and height threshold for sitting facing forward, others noted that the seat is designed to sit that way, which means he has been properly fitted for it.

No doubt if he was sitting facing the other way people would have a problem with that too.

Can't we all just admire the kid's adorable outfit and Paw Patrol cup?

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