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People Reckon Tyga's Dragging Kylie In His New Track

How ridiculously interconnected is Hollywood's dating scene?

You just have to look at Taylor Swift's #squad for proof; one of Tay's besties Ellie Goulding used to date Calvin Harris, and Bella Hadid and The Weeknd's break-up certainly should have made Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid's friendship a little... frosty. 

And now fans are pointing to Iggy Azalea's previous friendships as proof that the singer is dragging Kylie Jenner in her latest track, Switch.

It started when the 26-year-old featured Kylie's ex, Tyga, on the song, along with his latest girlfriend Anitta.

While that may just happen to be a coincidence, Twitter users certainly don't think so; they're referring to Iggy giving a shout-out to Kylie in last year's Team, and the fact that Kylie, Iggy and Tyga collaborated on Forever Real back in 2015.

Basically, they reckon that Iggy has dumped Kylie as a friend and is totally done with her - but why?

See what you think of some of the lyrics, courtesy of Hollywood Life:

Me and my boo on a worldwide hustle

You know what it is when I flex that muscle

I don’t even know what a real one do

Talk that talk, I can back it up too

Got yo dessert, call me the waiter

I’m flirtin’, you’ll get it later

You can get it from the inside out

No hands, you can put it in your mouth

Change the game (Change it up, change it up now)

Switch it up again (Switch it up, switch it up now)

Then I go again (Here we go, here we go)

Playin’ your role, playin’ you ro-o-ole

Fantasy (Fantasy) Turns reality (Turn reality)

Right in front of me (Right in front of me)

I can have it anyway I want

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