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PSA: Kendall Jenner Is Totally Naked & Totally SMOKIN' RN

Does anyone know how you would go about petitioning for something to be added as the Eighth Official Wonder Of The World?

Because after seeing Kendall Jenner's latest Instagram post, we're pretty sure she's it.

And it seems we're not the only ones; the 21-year-old uploaded the sultry black-and-white shot less than eight hours ago but it's already racking up millions of likes.

Not hard to see why, though, is it? The reality star is totally naked, stretched across a long wooden table under the kind of leafy archway Pinterest wedding boards were made for.

i don't smoke

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

The jaw-dropping photo was taken by Sasha Samsonova, a long-time photographer of the Kar-Jenners; it was Samsonova who shot the latest Kendall & Kylie range, and she's also responsible for Kylie's Quay Australia collaboration.

Obviously - because it's a day ending in "Y" - the post has come under fire by fans accusing Kendall of glamorising smoking, despite the "I don't smoke" caption.

"Why do you take photos with cigs if you don't?" one follower commented, while another chimed in: "You don't smoke but you like to smell them? I don't understand."

Since it's not the first time Kenny has been called out for holding a cigarette for work we hardly think it's going to be the last.

Still a damn fine photo though.

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