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R Kelly's "Cult Captive" Speaks Out, Raising More Concerns

In case you missed it, Buzzfeed News broke a story earlier in the week alleging that R Kelly has been keeping a number of women captive as his sex slaves.

The woman at the centre of the claims is Joycelyn Savage; it was Savage's family who held the press conference accusing the RnB legend of running a cult and blamed him for their daughter cutting off communication with them.

But in an exclusive video with TMZ, 21-year-old Savage has insisted that she's "exactly where she wants to be" and that she's happy and safe.

"I'm not being brainwashed or anything like that," Savage says in the grainy clip. "It definitely has gotten out of hand. I just want everybody to know that I am totally fine."

The alleged "cult captive" also explained that she hasn't been speaking to her parents for precisely this reason, and that she's "heartbroken" by their allegations.

Unfortunately the video seems to have raised more questions than it answers; Savage flat-out refuses to say where she is and won't even confirm whether she's "free to go" from wherever it is she's staying.

For his part, Kelly has strenuously denied the claims, which allege that 50-year-old keeps half-a-dozen young women in a number of properties in America where he controls "what they eat, how they dress and when they sleep".

You can see the full interview with Savage below.

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