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Rob Kardashian Just Revealed Something VERY Uncomfortable

For most of us, we love our family more than anything, right?

For a family like the Kardashians, who are on the same whirlwind adventure with each other, living these ridiculous lives.

Well, for some, you get closer than ever. Rob has revealed something pretty… ‘ick’… about Kim.

The Sun reports that during an interview with his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna, 28, the pair discuss their past crushes in what seems like a normal conversation until 29-year-old Rob agrees with Chyna that he had eyes for Kim.

After admitting that she had a crush on Ricky Martin, Chyna then goes onto to declare that Rob had a crush on Jennifer Lopez, to which he responds: “That’s pretty accurate.”

She then added, “And Kim Kardashian”, to which Rob appeared to blush say, “That’s also pretty accurate.” Chyna then added: “These are facts.”

It’s been a long running family joke that the male members have a crush on Kim, and even stepbrother Brody Jenner claimed that older brother Brandon and Kim “kissed back in the day.”



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